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About Asim India


ASIM Navigation India Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly as Asim Industries) being the front runners in the industry, with over a decade of experience for providing distribution services in all areas of communication, networking & information technology, we have developed the trustworthy relationships with our innovative, cost effective & customer centric approach. Appreciated as the leading distributor and with the value added technology we have, to our credit some of the most leading corporate & multinational entities as our esteemed clientele.
The conception of the Company is a direct result of the experience of its Director and the Capability of its Team.
The depth of our expertise allows us the flexibility to undertake a range of engagements - from the qualified consultancy of oil and gas to the assistance on buying and selling critical technologies, spare parts, solutions etc. on the national and international market. We are adept at working alongside our clients, prioritizing quality by distressing communication between both sides. Our Wide range of clients is an expression of our preoccupation of well serving the one who believe in our company.
If it is about latest technology, one can surely say ASIM knows the subject / requirement and is ready to attend professionally with a unique service, always searching for the best solutions for your business.

We market diverse range of Quality equipments from World Best Manufacturers such as


We also market Motorola’s Pre WiMax and Wi-Fi technology products apart from local Wi-Fi hotspots equipments. We resource, install and commission ancillary equipments like various types of converters/routers and Guy-wired and self-supported type masts apart from various WiMax and Wi-Fi equipments to provide complete wireless telecom solutions. These wireless Telecom solutions include wireless VOIP solutions, Video surveillance and Video conferencing.


To emerge as a leader in India “COMMUNICATION & TECHNOLOGY” -through total customer satisfaction & Employee Motivation.

The Goal

“To operate in the sector of location based services & connectivity, meeting the need of our clients, offering security, know-how and a unique service to guarantee your plain satisfaction and contribute to the development of the economic activity of the sector and the society as a whole.”

Our Team

A first-class company is made of people, their knowledge and the competence of each one of them. As individuals, we have unique—and complementary—approaches. For these reasons, asim is composed of a highly qualified team which is presented as one of its exclusive qualities.

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